Frequency Asked Question
Can you give some light on Nepal?

Nepal is a small land-locked country with full of geographical diversity, and natural beauties.

Is Nepal multi-cultural country?

Absolutely! Nepal is an multi-cultural as well as multi-lingual country.

What is the average temperature in Nepal?

As Nepal is mountainous region, so the average temperature in Hilly and Mountain region is about 25 degree celsius whereas the temperature of terai will reach to about 40 degree celsius in summer season.

Can we do something else then jungle activities?

Yes, we have many alternative options.

1. If you like a mountain walk, we can bring you to the Chepang Hills where we can visit some small remote villages and learn to know more about the live of the Chepang people.

2. If you like a village tour, then we can bring you on a trip through the local villages around the national park. We provide a guide who knows all about the lives around the park. He can explain how the people live and how they create an income. We can do this an a half day or a full day walk, or we can also take the bicycle to wonder around the village.

3. We can also accompany you, on a half or full day tour to Devghat, which is a ritual place for Hindus. You can see how a Hindu funeral goes. If you have a full day, then we can bring you to an other Hindu religious place on the mountain top next to the river in Narayangath. And we can visit CG where one of the richest persons in the world build a brand new temple complex.  

4. Another famous place for the Buddhists is Lumbini. We can provide you a guide to go on a one or two days tour to the magnificent Temples of Lumbini.

Can we pay in advance? How does the advance payment works? Is it safe to pay in advance?

For sure, you can pay in advance, And it’s one of the most safest ways to pay. When you confirm the tour with us, we will send you the payment link. It accepts most of the popular card around the world.

How do we pay on the spot and which currency do you accept ?

1. First of all, you can make a cash payment in our office. This can be the most current valuates, so you can pay in Nepali Rupees, Euro, US Dollar, Indian Rupees & Australian Dollar.

2. We also have a money card reader, so you can pay the amount with Visa, American Express & Master Card.

Do you provide any pick up/drop services?

Yes, we provide a complementary pick up service from Sauraha bus stop and drop to your hotel. On top of that, we provide pick up and drop from your hotel to our office and vice versa during excursions period. We also provide a pick up or drop from any airport. That comes with an extra cost, depending on the airport where you fly.

Is it safe to walk in the park with kids?

We don’t advice to do jungle walk with young kids, but we have many other options for families with kids. Safest activities are Jeep rides and canoe. Most of our guides are of matured age, having said they are good in cooperating and dealing with kids.

Do you provide any accommodation services?

Yes. In Sauraha, there are lots of hotels to choose from. Let us know your allocated budget for the hotel and we will recommend you some hotels name based on it. If you confirm it, then we can make reservation on behalf of you as well. We include accommodations in some of our packages too.

Do we need to bring our own food on a day trip?

When you go in the jungle for full day trips or multiple days trip, we provide you a local meal. The foods are catered based on your requirements.  Ex: Veg or Non-veg and so on.

Can we adjust our program after we booked the tour?

Of course, you can adjust the program at any time. We comprehend that sometimes people can have a delay by bus or plane, or people can become sick or to much tiredness from other activities, so we are always flexible to amend it any time.

What personal details do you need?

For ticketing purpose, we need your full name, your age, sex, and nationality. To maintain a good contact with our office, we also like to have you email address, and if you have a phone number, that would also be great. All off your details are strictly used for company use only. None of your data will be given to other companies.

What do we have to wear in the jungle?

First of all, it’s not allowed to wear any bright colored clothes. That means white, red and yellow are prohibited. Any camouflage color or dark colored clothes are acceptable inside the park. We also advise to wear long and comfortable pants, and t shirt with long sleeves. Good and comfortable walking shoes is also important.

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