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Doma Paudel

She holds the distinction of being the first female nature guide in Nepal.

Doma Paudel


My name is Doma Paudel, and it is my pleasure to share with you a little bit about myself and my journey. I was born on Tuesday, 30th October 1984, which, based on the Nepali Calendar system, is Mangalbaar, Kartik 14, 2041.

I am the oldest of four children in the Paudel family. My brother Yubaraj (Raj) was born in 1987, and together we started our office with the vision to make it the leading company in Chitwan. My younger sisters and brothers are Renuka and Keshab. I must confess that Renuka is an excellent cook, while Keshab is the smartest among us, and used to obtain good grades in exams.

My higher education was limited to "Shree Saheed Smiriti Multiple Campus". However, in 2002, my family experienced the saddest and hardest moment. My mother was killed by a Rhino attack while collecting firewood in the jungle. At that time, we were living in poverty and depended on forest resources to make ends meet. The most difficult moment in my life began, as I had to look after my siblings, and my father was only earning a few amounts from cattle farming.

After my mother's passing, I took over the responsibility of running the household. While my father worked on the field, I had to take care of the food, cleaning, and washing. We ran a small restaurant to make our living a bit easier. But, the fortune decides to take us somewhere else. Even from the restaurant, we couldn't earn enough profit to run family expenses, and the flooding occurred several times that even swept away our small thatch house. The tent offered by the government was the only option for us to protect ourselves from the rainy season.

When things began to be quite controllable, we sold the restaurant and started guiding, which was my original dream. Despite the rhino being responsible for my mother's death, I decided to take my career in the field of conservation and animal welfare. I studied deeply about nature, different flora and fauna, and that hard work accomplished my mission to be a nature guide. Unbelievably, I found out later that I was the FIRST LADIES NATURE GUIDE OF NEPAL.

As a result of my dedication and contribution to the field of conservation and animal welfare, I have been honored with the National Annapurna Award, represented Nepal at the Global Greens Congress at Dakar Senegal in 2012, and received several national and local awards.

I am a social type of woman and love to involve myself in every type of social program. I am a member of the Community GIS, Anti-Poaching, Bird Education Society, Nature Guide Association, and several other communities. Currently, I hold the position of president in Anti-Poaching, and during my period, we have celebrated zero poaching.

Now, as the proprietor of Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours and a responsible nature guide, I would like to welcome all of you to visit Chitwan National Park.