Photography & Documentary

"Capture the beauty of nature like never before with Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours' specialized photography tours, tailored to your desired animals and habitats"

Photography & Documentary


Professional and amateur photographers, as well as documentary filmmakers, are always seeking excellent company to make their trip come alive, and Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours provides specialized photography and documentary tour services. The plan will be tailored to the visitor’s flexibility of time, with habitats of birds and animals taken into consideration to spot them easily if the tourists have a checklist of their desired species.

The photography and documentary tour involves waiting patiently for the animals or birds in the best spot, with suitable lighting to capture perfect shots, and playing bird calls to bring them closer for better footage. Additionally, our photography and documentary tour encompasses not only Chitwan National Park but also other places such as Lumbini, Bardia National Park, Chepang Hill, and Vulture Restaurant. Our team of experts can also provide guidance on the technicalities of photography and documentary shooting, such as composition, lighting, and storytelling, making it an ideal opportunity for professionals and amateurs alike. For more detailed information about our specialized services, please do not hesitate to make an inquiry.


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Photography & Documentary

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Photography & Documentary

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