Jungle Walk

"Explore the Chitwan National Park's flora and fauna through guided walking tours accompanied by licensed guides, providing an unforgettable opportunity to spot rare animals like tigers and bears, and gain knowledge about nature and safety precautions, all while indulging in an awesome adventurous experience"

Jungle Walk


Chitwan National Park offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of Nepal. Walking through the deep jungle in search of exotic flora and fauna is one of the best ways to explore this breathtaking area. Whether you choose a short day hike or a multi-day trek, every walking tour is led by two licensed guides who are experts in navigating the park's diverse terrain. Visitors can choose between following a jeep-able road or a rough path depending on their preferences, making each experience entirely customizable. Safety is a top priority, and all visitors are bound by park rules and must follow necessary precautions while encountering animals. Before the trip, guides provide a comprehensive explanation of these rules and safety measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Chitwan National Park is home to an array of stunning wildlife, including over 600 rhinos, 105 tigers, 396 gaurs, 150 sloth bears, countless monkeys, deer, wild boars, and more than 600 species of birds. Longer trips, lasting two to seven days, provide visitors with ample opportunity to delve deeply into the natural world and enhance their knowledge. With more time to explore, guests can increase their chances of spotting rarer animals, such as tigers and bears, and gain a deeper appreciation for the park's wonders. Indulging in raw nature and gathering awesome adventurous experiences is best fulfilled by embarking on a jungle hike. For those seeking a truly unforgettable adventure, Chitwan National Park is an exceptional destination.


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Jungle Walk

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