Jungle Walk

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Walking is one of the best ways to explore the area of Chitwan National Park. Hiking inside the deep jungle in search of different species of flora and fauna is full of recreation and fun. All of the walking tours are accompanied by two unarmed guides (holding license) except stick, and selection of trial either in jeep able road or rough path directly depends upon visitor’s wish. Every visitor are to be bounded by park rules and must follow safety precautions while encountering the animals, provided that the guides will deeply elucidate the rules and safety measures prior to the start of trip.

In addition, Chitwan National Park is the home of arrays of Rhinos (600), 105 Tigers, 396 Gaurs, around 150 Sloth bear, Monkeys, Deers, Wild boars and more than 600 species of birds.

Walking, namely short day and full day, both commences from the same point, let’s say Sauraha or border of CNP. Longer than a day trip-may be of 2 days/ 3 days or even of up to 7 days provides you an ample opportunity to know deeply about the nature that considerably enhances your knowledge, and significantly increases the chance of spotting comparatively larger number of animals, and even the rare ones like tigers & bears.  Depending upon the flexibility of time of guests, we recommend making as longer trips as possible. Indulging into the raw-nature and gathering of awesome adventurous experience can be best fulfilled by jungle hike.

Jeep Safari

Chitwan Tours

As the name suggest, Jeep Safari means exploring the park area via jeep. Since this tour is seasonal, the area covered inside the park also depends on the time period-months. Months from February to April are considered to be the great season to make any of the activities inside the park, and during this time, jeep covers almost 112/115 km in a day trip irrespective to that of other unseasonable months. Set-up of control bush fire in the month of February enables farsightedness which drastically increases the animal sightings and so by the beginning of summer season that brings animals near the water sources either to fill their thirstiness or for cool-shading purpose. Sighting of the animals like Rhinos, Deer, wild boars, Monkeys, Beers & Tigers are the chief attraction of this tour.

This tour can be operated both in the private base and combined base. Briefly, whole day trip is solely the private one, and cost for a jeep should be paid along with guide. So, making this trip in group largely minimizes the individual cost. Similarly, Half day trip can be done in both combined base and private base. In combined base, there would be 10 people in a single jeep, and the guide will be made available from the jeep community. Our company isn’t responsible for any uncomfortable & inconvenience you experienced during combined base trip. However, half day-private tour will be guided by our company, and guides will be provided from us ensuring that you will get better experience. Green colored jeep with a driver and certified guides will formally take you inside the park. Generally, jeep tour inside the park commences from October, after the rainy season in Nepal.

Bird Watching

Chitwan Tours

Chitwan National Park has been chief attraction for bird watchers & photographers, and is one of the most rewarding places to spot and study about birds, explore the open water areas, community forest, open grasslands & river habitats to spot different species of birds. Having said that the least disturbance accords to spot myriad number of birds, and for longer time interval, bird watching is best done on foot. However, it’s also feasible via Jeep, covering larger area and going through all the three different types of vegetation. Canoe down the river will be the best option to spot aquatic birds. Our well-trained and experienced guides will assist you in the trip, identifying both the residential and migratory birds.

Over 600 species of birds have already been recorded in Chitwan National Park. CNP specializes in consisting numbers of vulnerable birds and critically endangered ones also. Seeing larger number of different species of birds within short portion of park has amazed ornithologists from different part of the world.

This trip can be of Half day, Full day and can even extend upto 7 days. This duration is directly influenced by the flexibility of visitor’s time and their desire. Special bird watching plus photography tour can be longer than 7 days, ascertaining you that you would be going to other places too without being confined at CNP only.

Tower Night

Chitwan Tours

Want to have some fabulous amazing experience of sleeping inside the park? Then, overnight stay in the jungle, also called as Tower Night Stay will be the perfect choice for you. The wooden tower consisting of five rooms are built in the jungle near the water sources- at Bufferzone, confirming that there is no any artificial fence between CNP and Bufferzone. Since, CNP forbids us to spend night inside park, so this would be carried out in Bufferzone area.

Visitors willing to feel relaxed from hectic life, and intending to observe something different often makes this tour. Packed dinner will be provided for you, and tour will be accompanied by a guide. At the night time, you might see some animals passing right under you if all the guys aid to maintain silence. Sleeping deep inside the forest, refreshing the body by cool-breeze that blows in the jungle & listening to the sounds of forest mixed and toned by spectacular sounds of birds, insects is the ultimate experience you would definitely love to gain.


Chitwan Tours

Tourist can also embark on canoe ride along the Rapti River inside the Chitwan National Park and take a close view of crocodiles, aquatic birds and other wild animals too. Tourist love to see crocodiles taking sun-bath at the bank of river, and capture them in their camera which can be best achieved through canoe ride.  Dug-out canoe trip in Chitwan National Park can be of 1 hour, 2 hours and can extend upto 3 hours. It is the most pleasant way to spot several types of water birds, Gharial Crocodiles, Marsh mugger Crocodiles, fishes and aquatic creatures.

This trip can be carried out both in private base and combined base. Generally, 1 hour of canoe is considered to be the combined canoe ride where trips longer than an hour are mostly the private ones.

20000 Lake Visit

Chitwan Tours

Beeshazari Taal-20,000 Lake, being situated outside the park boundary, it doesn’t require special park permit, and can be done own self or with the help of nature guide. It’s an extensive oxbow lake system located at the Bufferzone area, a protected area in the inner Terai of central Nepal. This lake was listed in Ramsar site since 2003, and is popularly known as bird-watching spot. The lakes is at the center of Barandabhar Corridor Forest, which is the prominent natural corridor that links Siwalik Hills of the park to Mahabharat Range which extends up to Annapurna Range in the north and  Valmikinagar Wildlife Sanctuary to the south in India. The forested wetland provides excellent habitat as a waterhole and wildlife corridor for critically endangered and vulnerable species including Bengal Tiger, Sloth bear, Crocodiles, Deers, One-horned Rhinocerous and many more.

Photography Tour

Chitwan Tours

Professional or armature photographer are always in seek of excellent company to make their trip live. And, Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours provides specialized photography tour, and plan would be set-up looking at the visitor’s flexibility of time. Unlike other tours, if tourists do have the checklist of their desired animals or birds, then habitats of birds and animals will be taken into consideration to spot them easily.

Photography trip involves waiting of the animals or birds in the spot, suitable lighting to capture perfect shots and playing birds call to bring them closer. Photography Tour encompasses the tour at Lumbini, Bardia National Park, Chepang Hill, Vulture Restaurant & other places too, without constraining to Chitwan National Park only. Please make an inquiry for detailed instruction on photography tour.

Chepang Hill Trek

Chitwan Tours

Whenever someone says Chitwan, the first thing that emerges in our mind is about jungle walk, jeep safari and exploration of Chitwan National Park but there is something that lures hikers and trekkers in Chitwan. Yes, the place is called Chepang- unexplored part of Chitwan and a dynamic new attraction. Beside the natural scenic beauty, you would see the Chepang people, leading semi-nomadic lifestyle and are endangered communities of Nepal. Yet, they seem to follow their rich cultural traditions, and are putting themselves backward in the name of culture even at the time of getting opportunity. Due to the remoteness of land, they can be called as marginalized group of Nepal.

Going for Chepang hike within single day from Sauraha and returning back to our place is quite impossible if explored the area in detailed way. So, we recommend at least of 2 days to make this trip, and this tour also carries out the possibility to spot- Spiny Babbler, endemic species of birds.

Local Culture

Chitwan Tours

Exploration of local culture is often done by cycling tour or making hike in remote areas. Here, entering into the Tharu Community at Sauraha enables you to know about the primitive Tharu culture and their way of living. On different occasion, they perform dance, makes finger scratches on the wall of house and these are just the perfect example of our ancestral culture existing in our society.

Excitingly, we have helped tourist to get re-marriage according to Nepali culture. The Nepali way of wedding is so joyful and popular that whenever tourist observes them well, then they do have the feeling to make themselves as part of it. Then, we cooperate with them, and endeavor to make their stay of Nepal memorable for whole of their life.

Sight Seen

Chitwan Tours

Sight-seen offers you to explore across the river side area, and enlightens the feeling to immerse yourself completely in the beauty of nature. If tourist arrives at Chitwan via bus, mostly they would be feeling tired and  bored. In order to remove their tiredness, we offer you the sight-seen that would be of about 2 hours which also familiarize tourists with the nature, and assists in next day trip.

Even in this short tour, spotting of common animals and birds are ascertained. Unbelievably, observing one-horned rhinoceros at the closer distance standing at the bank of river at Sauraha, even not entering the park, would make you feel amazed. The stunning flow of river at the junction, and mesmerizing sunset would definitely motivate you to do longer trips inside Chitwan National Park.

Devghat Trip

Chitwan Tours

Devghat, the holiest place in Hindu mythology is about 22 kilometers far from Sauraha, and lies at the banks of Saptagandaki & Kaligandaki junction in Nepal. Devotees have considered this place as the real paradise in the world due to its enticing natural beauties. This site is surrounded with various temples and caves of Hindu God and Santas.

Unlike other places, Hindus takes the dead body of humans to burn at this place in a cultural way. Visitors willing for religious trip are highly recommended to visit this site. The transportation facilities will be provided by our company along with a guide, and may take about five/six hours to come back to Sauraha.


Chitwan Tours

Sometime, tourists have faced difficulty in receiving the bus tickets or air tickets. Reservation and booking system are available in our company. We provide bus tickets for arrival from Kathmandu, Pokhara or Lumbini to Chitwan and departure from Chitwan to other places via tourist bus.

In case of flight, we have the reservation system feasible only for the domestic flights. Tourist, who wish to abstain themselves from long way of travelling in bus can choose to fly from Bharatpur to Kathmandu or Pokhara, and transportation to drop to bus park will be given by our company. All the domestic flights can be booked through our agency.

Lumbini Tour

Nepal Tour

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is one of the greatest pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. More than 400,000 Buddhists and non Buddhists visit Lumbini every year. It is also enlisted on UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sacred Garden: It was here in the gardens of Lumbini that Prince Siddhartha Gautam, who later became the Buddha, was born in 623 BC. The nativity site is marked by a commemorative pillar erected by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka of India during his pilgrimage to the holy site in 249 BC.

The inscription on the Ashoka Pillar identifies the Sacred Garden - spread over 9 km ² – as the spot where the Enlightened One was born.

A large number of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world visit Lumbini to pray at the exact spot where Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born. The sacred Puskarni Pond where Queen Mayadevi had taken a bath before the birth of Buddha lies to the south of the pillar. It was also in this pond that the infant Buddha was given his first bath.

Monuments: To the north of the Sacred Garden are monastic zones where different countries have built temples and monasteries depicting different sects of Buddhism. The Myanmar Temple is a shiny gold and white structure that resembles the Shwe-dagon Pagoda of Yangon while the International Gautami Nuns Temple is a replica of the Swayambhu Stupa of Kathmandu.

The China Temple, built by the Buddhist Association of China, is a complex of pagodas, prayer rooms and meditation cells. Across the road is the Dae Sung Suk Ga Sa Korean Temple. The Japan Peace Stupa, built by Nippon Jon Kyohoji of Japan, is a 41-m tall structure with four different Buddha statues set into the stupa’s dome facing the four cardinal directions.

Other beautiful monuments and temples have been built by Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, France, Germany and Sri Lanka.

It's best if you take out 3 days for a visit to Lumbini.

Bardia Tour

Nepal Tour

The Bardia National Park was initially a Royal hunting reserve. The park’s first name was Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve with an area of only 368 km² (1976).

In 1982, it was renamed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve. It has now included Babai River Valley also. It took up till 1988 before it gets the status of National Park. It’s the second national park of Nepal, but it’s not the major attraction as Chitwan.

In order to preserve the dwelling species of rare ecosystem, Bardia national park provides an excellent habitat for most of the endangered species of wildlife and birds, and covers the area of 968km² at the present time.


​It takes about 1 hour by air and 516 km by road from Kathmandu to reach this national park. Jungle walk, Jeep safari and Canoe ride are the chief attractions of Bardia National Park.

Koshi Tappu Tour

Nepal Tour

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is considered to be a Paradise for bird watchers. It's established in 1976 and situated on the flood plains of the Sapti Koshi River in eastern Nepal. The park extends over an area of 175 km². The reserve is a 24 km long section along the river. The Sapta Koshi River provides life to the reserve and its existence gives this area tremendous charm, serenity and beauty. The river is home to one of the rarest species of animals, the Gangetic dolphin, also called the fresh water dolphin. Hardly seen in any other part of Nepal, these dolphins can be seen in the Sapta Koshi River, especially at Koshi barrage towards the south of the reserve.​

The Gharial, one of the rarest species of crocodile family, is also found here along with the otters. The otter is another interesting animal, which can often be seen on the banks of the river bathing in the sun.

A barrage on the southern side of the reserve has created a water reservoir where thousands of migrating waders and wildfowl take a rest. Many small marshlands, pools and grasslands are formed which provide a haven for birds and birdwatchers.

The vegetation near these banks holds many passerines. Large agricultural fields that lie next to the reserve make fine habitat for many birds.

Koshi Tappu is the ultimate destination for any nature enthusiasts and experts visiting Nepal. Rare birds like ibis, storks, ducks and partridges are found in an unbelievable numbers. It is said that for true bird enthusiasts, at least 100 birds a day will definitely be sighted so for such tourists, it is easily a paradise.

Apart from birds, wild buffalo (Bublas Arnee), or Arna in Nepali, is a rare species found only in this reserve. There are now an estimated 100 wild buffaloes here.

Other mammals, which can be seen here, include the hog deer, wild boar, spotted deer and small animals like mongoose. Another very attractive aspect of the reserve for tourists in general is the river side sand beach. Nepal being a landlocked kingdom, the people here does not have the luxury of sea beaches, but the riverside beaches here give an equal pleasure. Koshi Tappu itself is an island, and there are numerous tiny seasonal beaches on the river, which can be enjoyed as a resting spot, while taking a boating trip in the river. Though, the water in the river is cold enough to discourage anyone from swimming, a wonderful bask on the beach is irresistible.

Flora and fauna are the main show in the reserve but more pleasure waits at this awesome place. A different culture lies in the villages near the reserves where people of many ethnic backgrounds, like Mongolians (Gurung, Tamang), Chettris, Brahmins and the oldest tribe of the country, Tharus, live in harmony.

The housing structure is very different from any other villages in Nepal with wooden attic houses on the second level with sturdy wooden poles forming their base.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is definitely a place for nature lovers and a place for guaranteed peace and tranquility.

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