Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours

Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours is a well known, young and dynamic tourist office in Chitwan, Nepal.

We are leading company in providing adventure and leisure tours in and outside of Chitwan National Park. As a fully legal travel agent, licensed by the government of Nepal and Chitwan National Park, our company consists of highly knowledgeable and professional certified guides to provide you with excellent service. We provide a wide range of activities, except activities related to elephants.​

​Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours was inaugurated in 2012 by Doma Paudel, the first female nature guide of Nepal, and her brother Raj.  The office has already gained international fame and a strong reputation within a short period of time because of its dedication, excellent staff coordination and quality service.​

​Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours provides quality tours inside Chitwan National Park for family groups, friends and independent travelers. We specialize in organizing custom-made programs, special bird watching trips, special photography tours and various jungle safaris. In each of these, we are always attempting to be unique from other tour companies.  

What's special about us?

​Well, the answer is very simple. First of all, 10% of the profit from our business goes directly to conservation and social work. To learn more about this, you can click here.​

​Second, unlike other offices that organize tours, we don't offer any activities related to elephants that are captive.

​Last but not least, this office is managed by the first female nature guide of Nepal, Doma Paudel. ​

With this Charter, we want to show the world what we really meant to say.

All the members off the Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours office signed the Charter, and toiled to live up the Charter.

Acting as in the Charter doesn't cost any money and it's good for future, which also aids to abstain many damage as possible to nature.

N.D.E.T Charter

- At least 10% of our office incomes goes directly to good causes. We support wildlife victims, give awareness to the public and providing education to them.

- Materials taken inside the jungle are strictly prohibited to throw inside the park. One must carry it back to Sauraha putting them in their bags.

- Since, plastic is non-degradable waste, so we attempt to minimize the use of plastics as less as we can.

- We preserve food in a food box and not in a plastic bag.

- Spotting, Observing and photographing animals can be done, but distributing them by throwing stones or making loud sound is not permitted.

- Life is a never ending school. So if we can learn new things about men and nature, then we definitely take the opportunity.

- Recycling of the wastage is our first priority, rather than sending them to dumping sites.

Doma Paudel


​My name is Doma Paudel, and I was born on Tuesday, 30th October 1984. Based on Nepali Calendar system, my birth date is Mangalbaar, Kartik 14, 2041.

I’m the oldest of 4 children in the Paudel family. After me, Yubaraj (Raj) was born in 1987, and together we started the office with the vision to make it the leading company in Chitwan. Renuka and Keshab are my younger sisters and brothers, & I must confess that Renuka is excellent at cooking whereas Keshab is the smartest among the family, and used to obtain good grades in the exam.

My higher study was limited in “Shree Saheed Smiriti Multiple Campus”. Unexpectedly, in 2002, I and my family experienced the saddest and the hardest moment. My mother was killed by a Rhino attack, while she was collecting firewood in the jungle. Running the livelihood is prominent for everybody, so for our family and compelled to depend on the forest resources as we were under poverty at that time. The most difficult moment in my life began, as I was to look after my sisters and brothers, and father was earning only few amount from the cattle farmings.

After that it was my job to take care of the family. When father was working on the field I must take care of the food, cleaning and washing. We ran a small restaurant to make our living a bit easier. But, the fortune decides to take somewhere else. Even from the restaurant, we can’t earn enough profit to run family expenses, and the flooding occurred several times that even swept away our small thatch house. Tent offered by the government was only the option for us to protect our self from rainy season.

After the things began quite controllable, we sold out the restaurant and started guiding-my original dream appears to be true. Even rhino was responsible for my mother’s death, I decided to take my carrier in the field of conservation and animal welfare. I studied deeply about the nature, different flora and fauna and that hard work accomplished my mission to be nature guide. Unbelievably, I got to know a bit later that I was the FIRST LADIES NATURE GUIDE OF NEPAL.

Respecting to my dedication and contribution in the field of conservation and animal welfares, I was awarded with National Annapurna Award, went at the Global Greens Congress at Dakar Senegal in 2012 being the representative of Nepal, and received several national and local awards.

I am social type of woman, love to involve in every types of social programs. I am the member of Community GIS, Anti-Poaching, Bird Education Society, Nature guide association and several other communities. Now, I have been holding the position of president in Anti-Poaching, and during my period we have even celebrated 0 poaching. Now, as the proprietor of Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours and a responsible nature guide, I would like to welcome all of you to visit Chitwan National Park.


Doma Paudel
Raj Paudel

Dear Guest,

Actually my name is Yubanarayan Paudel, and people love to call me Raj. I was born on 2nd June 1987 just close by the park village called Bachhauli.

Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours is tour organising company which is located in Sauraha, Chitwan. This company was started with a newer concept, and has already got international recognition and awards within a short period of time.

Most of my childhood moments were spent like a real jungle boy. Taking care of the cows and buffalos, collecting jungle vegetables and fruit, running after rhinos and tigers, and trying to spot strange birds were begun to be normal for me.

Before this job, I try to do some work as a porter in Pokhara. However, my intention was being a nature guide. Nature was always in my heart, my head and my feelings. I succeed to complete the training of jungle guide organized by Government of Nepal in 2008. And I was rewarded a certificate that permits me to guide the guests into the Chitwan National Park.

It is always good to be in nature because we came from nature, and in the end nature takes us back.

I appreciate and enjoy my job very much.

I would definitely like to thank Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours and Services for this wonderful opportunity to be the part of this awesome family.

Thanks and hope to meet you in our office.


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