About US
About US

Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours is a well known, young and dynamic tourist office in Chitwan, Nepal.

We are leading company in providing adventure and leisure tours in and outside of Chitwan National Park. As a fully legal travel agent, licensed by the government of Nepal and Chitwan National Park, our company consists of highly knowledgeable and professional certified guides to provide you with excellent service. We provide a wide range of activities, except activities related to elephants.​

​Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours was inaugurated in 2012 by Doma Paudel, the first female nature guide of Nepal, and her brother Raj.  The office has already gained international fame and a strong reputation within a short period of time because of its dedication, excellent staff coordination and quality service.​

​Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours provides quality tours inside Chitwan National Park for family groups, friends and independent travelers. We specialize in organizing custom-made programs, special bird watching trips, special photography tours and various jungle safaris. In each of these, we are always attempting to be unique from other tour companies.  

What's special about us?

​Well, the answer is very simple. First of all, 10% of the profit from our business goes directly to conservation and social work. To learn more about this, you can click here.​

​Second, unlike other offices that organize tours, we don't offer any activities related to elephants that are captive.

​Last but not least, this office is managed by the first female nature guide of Nepal, Doma Paudel. ​

With this Charter, we want to show the world what we really meant to say.

All the members off the Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours office signed the Charter, and toiled to live up the Charter.

Acting as in the Charter doesn't cost any money and it's good for future, which also aids to abstain many damage as possible to nature.

N.D.E.T Charter

- At least 10% of our office incomes goes directly to good causes. We support wildlife victims, give awareness to the public and providing education to them.

- Materials taken inside the jungle are strictly prohibited to throw inside the park. One must carry it back to Sauraha putting them in their bags.

- Since, plastic is non-degradable waste, so we attempt to minimize the use of plastics as less as we can.

- We preserve food in a food box and not in a plastic bag.

- Spotting, Observing and photographing animals can be done, but distributing them by throwing stones or making loud sound is not permitted.

- Life is a never ending school. So if we can learn new things about men and nature, then we definitely take the opportunity.

- Recycling of the wastage is our first priority, rather than sending them to dumping sites.

about us
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