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A majestic Bengal tiger walks through the lush jungles of Chitwan National Park, Nepal





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Discover the breathtaking beauty of Nepal with the experts at Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours. With over 250+ five-star ratings on TripAdvisor and countless satisfied customers, we are the leading travel agency dedicated to providing unique and unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Himalayas. From exploring the lush jungles of Chitwan National Park to summiting majestic peaks, our team of experienced guides will lead you on a journey of discovery, adventure, and cultural immersion. Join us on the trip of a lifetime and book your next adventure with Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours today!


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First Nature Guide of Nepal: Doma Paudel

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Discover the hidden gems of Chitwan National Park with our expert and local guides, who know every corner like the back of their hand.


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Join us in responsible and ethical wildlife exploration, as we proudly lead the way in animal welfare with our no-ride policy for elephants and commitment to humane tourism practices.


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Empowering communities, saving wildlife. Join us in making a difference with Nepal Dynamic and Wildlife Victim Fund.

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Unleash the adventurer in you with our diverse range of packages, from standard wildlife tours to specialized photography and documentary-tailored options, the options are endless.

In April 2023 our general manager Doma Paudel was seen in the last episode of the most popular show ’Floortje gaat mee’. Floortje Dessing and top photographer Jasper Doest brings us on a road trip from Holland to Nepal and shows us the relation between people and animals. Doma tells us the story of her live, and how we can make this place better between humans and wildlife. The show was viewed by 1.5 million viewers as of publishing this article.

In April 2023 was onze general maneger Doma Paudel te zien in de laatste aflevering van het immens populaire programma Floortje gaat mee, van presentatrice Floortje Dessing, en topfotograaf Jasper Doest. Het programma focust op de relatie tussen mens in dier. Doma verteld haar levensverhaal, en hoe we beter met de wereld zouden kunnen omgaan. Het programma lokte ongeveer 1.5 miljoen kijkers.

"Get ready for a wild adventure with NAT GEO! Our team had the privilege of working alongside them to capture the magic of nature in action. Stay tuned for the release of this thrilling documentary - it's a must-watch for all nature enthusiasts!"

Manager of Nepal Dynamic Eco Tours with a camera

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